Thursday, 10 May 2012

Grumpy Dad Day

Today is officially grumpy dad day (as decided by me, king of the grumpy dads).

Grumpiness is an air-born disease that is easily spread through the workplace, and at home.  People who are hungry or stressed are more prone to grumpiness than others.

Today I have mostly been eating grumpy.  I woke up at grumpy o'clock.  I went to work.  I have to cycle through a city centre to get there, which makes me grumpy.  In a 10 minutes journey, the amount of people that cant drive their car correctly is shocking.  This makes me grumpy.  The amount of people that walk in a zig-zag, sideways, or stop for no reason make me grumpy.  These people should all go to walking school to learn how to walk down a high street correctly!

Being at work is normally fun.  But today grumpiness was shared throughout the whole office.  It started with a high-up manager in a different location being grumpy that their target wasnt being hit.  So they shouted at our centre manager and made him grumpy (which is not difficult).  The centre manager then shouted at my manager, making him grumpy.  My manager then shouted at everyone, which made me grumpy.

I then left work and had to cycle back down the high street of walking and driving zombies.  Grumpy.

I got home, which was nice.  Less grumpy.  But my superstore food delivery isnt coming for another hour or so and im hungry.  So now I'm grumpy again.

PS. The weather is grumpy, so why can't I be?

Are you grumpy?  You should be!  Its grumpy dad day.


  1. I'm with you on this one. My grumpiness is definately spreading from a lack of sleep but when it's got you in its clutches, it really tarnishes your day. At least you'll have your food delivery by now - I've got to wait until tonight and the cupboards are VERY bare! Harrumph!

  2. I was a grumpy mum yesterday thanks to evil mother in law coming round (unannounced) and an even worse than normal commute via London public transport home.


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