Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Tweetybloghead [tweet-ee-blog-hed]

Tweetybloghead is a new word which derives from modern English.  Tweet has a lovely onomatopoeic sound, which is why birds such as the robin choose to use this as their vocal noise.  Its much nicer than many land mammals choices, such as woof, or moo. The word has now come to influence many things, such as the social media site Twitter, and more recently, tweetybloghead.  For this, we can thank birds.

Robin Van Tweetle (above) invented the word 'tweet'

A tweetybloghead is a word used to describe people that not only use the Twitter site obsessively.  But it is also characteristic of such a person to be a keen blogger.  A blogger is someone who believes that by posting on the internet, they are an author, such as Dan Brown, Virginia Woolf, or J K Rowling.  This is a modern day myth, much like global warming and artificial intelligence.

Head is a word which has been around since the creation of the humans.  This takes very little explaining.  But the concept of bringing these three words together to form a new word, which is essentially a description word (an adjective if you prefer).  For example, if you have a partner or child or parent who will have most of their daily conversations through Twitter, and who blogs excessively (and also has a head), then you would be accurate to call them a tweetybloghead.

It has been rumoured that this word originated on the school playground.  This rumour is childish at best.  Children do not write blogs, although they have been known to be on twitter.  This word was actually created in a scientific laboratory.  It is also said that Glaxo Smith Klein may own the rights to the word, although a spokesman has not been available to confirm or deny this today.

[Ref: The Dictionary]

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