Sunday, 22 April 2012

Daddy Time - Blog Hop

Why do you blog?

To be honest, it's because my partner does (  She asked to me do a guest post for her one day for Real Nappy Week, as being a Dad who is enthusiastic about cloth nappies is apparently a rarity.  So I wrote a post for her, and then decided I would also use the same post to start my own blog - you can see it here.

She had also attained a free £50 voucher for our local Frankie & Benny's restaurant to review the food.  So as I was there too, I also reviewed the food.

With these 2 things, my blog was started.

If you could choose a performer to see in concert who would it be?

I do go and see a few bands these days.  Its something that when I was growing up a dreamed of doing.  Now I go to a festival or two each year (Download festival and one other more chilled festival like Lounge On The Farm).  I've been to some amazing gigs, such as seeing prodigy at Brixton a few years ago.

If I could see any one band that I haven't already... I'd probably have to think about it for days and then I'd come up with a shortlist.  But in a rush, I will give you two.  If I could go back in time, I would have loved to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers back in their hay-day.  I think they're playing London this year, but even though I might still go, its not going to be anywhere near as good as it would have been 10 years ago.  If it had to be a band today, it would probably be a chilled band like The National.

How is your blog influenced by you being a Dad?

My blog is still taking form.  My posts are not your typical parenting type posts.  They are (so far anyway) posts about life as a dad.  My boy is a huge influence on my life, so everything I do now is influenced by him.  The activities I do.  They way I view things.  Its all changed because of him.

What is your favourite film?

This again is one of those questions where there will never be just one answer.  To name but just a few:
  • Shaun of the dead
  • Alien
  • The green mile
  • Inception
  • Iron man

Who gets up for your kids in the night?

Its not me.  I do get up sometimes, but not my 'fair share'.  At the moment Dylan sleeps very well. 12-14 hours is normal for him, with the occasional wake in the night.  He's a perfect baby!  However when he did used to be up many times a night I didn't do my fair share.  

I like to think this is partly justified because Dylan was 100% breast fed.  My breasts are out of favour.  And when he woke is was often because he was hungry.  Also partly because Becky can nap in the day.  Dylan normally has a good hour or two sleep around 9am.  So Becky can catch up on her sleep.  Whereas I would be off at work, snoozing at my desk.  Not good!  

Saying that, I could and probably should get up in the night more now, as he is no longer breast fed.  But he doesn't wake up often in the night any more, and old habits die hard.  (Please add 'die hard' to the films list above).


  1. The last time I was at Download was in 2005 I think but I was amazed to see so many kids there with their parents. I did managed to tick Billy Idol off my list of bands to see though thanks to that festival.

    The cloth nappy thing was something I found strange as a dad as well. Noone understood why I was all for it although I don't think I ever actually wrote about them.

    1. Yeah there are quite a lot of young children there. Clearly Dads who like metal are keen for their children to like the same music!

      And I dont think I would have wrote about them either, unless I had been asked to do the guest post.

  2. Hello, its nice to meet yet another Britmums dad blogger. It seems a reoccurring theme that dads would time travel for a concert :)

    I have clicked the follow button and look forward to reading here again


    1. I've not had a chance to actually do the blog hop yet. But I think its a classic dad thing. I'm sure I'll be talking about bands from my day, for ever and ever and ever.


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