Saturday, 1 December 2012

How being a dad does change you

Long gone are the days of living for the weekend.  Sometimes I still miss it all.  Finish work on a Friday and rushing home.  Going out to get absolutely smashed and return home at some point on a Sunday.  So its fair to say that being a dad really does change you.

The biggest change in me has been the things that I value.  Nothing rates higher than being able to look after my boy.

I value the importance of keeping my job more than ever.  And now I am even working on developing my career rather than just earning an easy buck on sales commission.  I'm a believer that money can make you happy.  It gives you all the little things that you want from day to day, reduces stress at times of need (when your washing machine breaks, or Christmas speeds back round again).  It allows me to provide security for my family.  To be able to rent a nice house in a nice street, and have a fridge full of branded foods.  So I work harder than ever with a view to earning as much money for my family as possible.

But its not just the money any more.  By the time Dylan is old enough to understand what I do, I want to have a job that makes me proud.  Earning good money in a sales role is something anyone can do from leaving school.  I want Dylan to know that I have worked hard and to have me as a role model when it comes to employment.

We are now only 3 months away from having our second boy.  I remember being 3 months away from having our first.  I was unsure of how I would cope being a dad.  I was unsure how I would manage with the huge change in lifestyle that was ahead.  But this time around I am a lot happier as I know my life isn't about to be turned upside down.

So if you are about to be a dad, try not to worry.  Although things will change, they are mostly positive changes.  You get new things to care about, a new drive in life to succeed and do the best you can.  It is a huge motivator to make the best out of life for you and your family to be.

I do still miss the good old times.  But I don't feel like I have missed out on my youth.  I absolutely smashed it.  I do still get the odd night out.  I still see my best friends.  But I now live for the weekend for a different reason.  Because the weekend is when I'm home with my boy.

To dads and dads-to-be.  Have a merry Christmas and a nappy new year!

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