Friday, 5 October 2012

Review - Pillow Penguin Pet

Pillow Pets are a really fun little range of cuddle pillows that double up as hassle free pets.

Being a big fan of all things penguins, I indeed now own the penguin, and have gifted the fluffy little cutie to my big little boy Dylan.

Now there's only so much (as an adult) that I can write about this.  I mean, its lovely and soft and looks cute, it does everything you would expect it would as a pillow.  It also has a Velcro strap which you can attach underneath to make it look as though the pet is walking on all 4's.  Very cute indeed!

From a safety point of view it also scores high.  It meets all the usual standards are the fluffiness doesn't rub off and make a big mess.  So there's no worries about children eating tonnes of fluff, of swallowing small parts.

So I thought you might want to know Dylan's view on item, as I assume you may purchase this for a child rather than yourself.

Dylan LOVES this little toy.  He has recently been learning how to be affectionate.  One of the really cute things he does is go over to Penguin and give him a love.  He does this by laying his head against the pillow (from standing) and making a lovely 'aaaaah' noise.  He will also give his lovely wet opened mouthed kiss to its beak.  Its true love!

Affectionate penguin boy
Its really nice seeing Dylan be affectionate to a Pillow Pet in the way I would want him to be affectionate to a real pet or penguin.  Its not so much a play toy, although Penguin does occasionally get used as a walking talking puppet in on-the-spot stories.

Blurry love eyes

And sometimes Penguin gets a little daddy time and performs a wonderful job of being a makeshift sofa pillow during lazy TV times.  The more penguins around the house the better, in my opinion.  And I am so glad that Dylan loves Penguin too.

Having a little cuddle
If you are considering buying a Pillow Pet, there are lots of other animals below.  Read the little brief below about the items.  If you have one or are considering getting one, please leave comments to let me know your thought(s).

To view more about this product please visit

You can purchase them on Amazon and through Toys 'R' Us for around £19.99.

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